By 1950 Upton Hall Convent School was becoming overcrowded, so in 1951 the FCJ sisters bought Upton Manor and the senior boarding accommodation was moved there. This freed the existing dormitories to be used by the school for teaching.

Later, the senior boarders returned to Upton Hall, and the junior boarders moved to the Manor.

It had always been the hope of the Reverend Mother General to eventually make the Manor into a Junior School, so in November 1959 the Manor became Upton Manor Preparatory School.

The first headmistress of Upton Manor was Mother Agnes Russell. In 1972 Sister Mary Joseph Pemberton (who had been at St Joseph's) came to Upton Manor as headmistress and remained there until 1984 when the school was closed.

Upton Manor was an old house, difficult to maintain, and unsuitable for further adaption as a school.

Upton Manor was a happy place in a beautiful setting with extensive grounds. Parents paid tribute to the 'devotion, academic ability and happy atmosphere generated by Sister Mary Jo and her staff'

It was indeed a sad day when the school had to close.

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