The Senior Recreation Room was to the left of the passage to the chapel, the Junior Recreation room is though the opening on the left in the picture.

The Senior Recreation Room about 1910

The two recreation rooms were converted into an L shaped assembly hall. It soon became too small and a new Assembly Hall was built in St Philomena's Wood.

The Junior Recreation Room about 1910

In 1966, following the completion of the new Assembly Hall, the Senior Recreation Room was converted into a Staff Room and a new Cloakroom and toilets for the sixth form was built in the Junior Recreation Room.

The Staff Room in 2004

In 2005, the Staff Room was moved to the original Dining Hall and the two former Recreation Rooms, together with a new extension were converted into new Dining Rooms.

The Senior Recreation Room being converted into the new Dining Room in 2005


The New Dining Room in 2006

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