St Anthony's passage runs alongside the Dining Room, at a slightly lower level, and connected White Hall to the Novitiate and the 'Southern Wing' which was built in 1900 and contained the Recreation Rooms, The Art Room and the Junior Study. A short flight of stairs led down from the Dining Room to St Anthony's Passage.

St Anthony's Passage about 1910

During the second world war St Anthony's Passage was used as an air raid shelter in the day time and a dormitory for the younger boarders at night. Mattresses were laid on carpets on the floor, all available camp beds were called into use, but this was still not enough, so bunks were built.

St Anthony's Passage in 2004

If an air raid occurred during the daytime, the pupils moved down to St Anthony's passage and lessons continued. We can only imagine the chaos of eight different lessons being given simultaneously in a confined space!

St Anthony's Passage in 2004

The wall tiles in St. Anthony's passage where always a bit of a mystery, as there are no records relating to them in the building's accounts.

The Tiles in St Anthony's Passage

In 2001 Penny Parker, of the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society, identified the tiles as having been manufactured by Maw and Co in about 1905.

The 'Chapel' Passage about 1910

A second tiled passage runs from the senior study to the Novitiate building, past the Recreation Rooms room.

The 'Chapel' Passage in 2004


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