The double doors straight ahead of you in the pictures of the Entrance Hall led to the Senior Study.

The room is 60 feet long by 28 feet wide and was originally heated by two coal fires in large marble chimney pieces. Lighting was by means of five gas chandeliers.

Senior Study about 1910

The room became the School Library, with little change in its appearance. In 1977 the Library was re-organised, the old bookcases were removed and sold at auction (the bookcases sold for £900), and new bookcases were installed. At the same time a sliding acoustic screen was fitted to enable one third of the library to be used as a classroom. This did not proove successful and the small area (room 17) was used as the sixth form study for a period. Later, the whole room was used for the Library once again. The screen was removed in 1999.

School Library in 2004

In Summer 2005 the Library was mooved to what had originally been the Junior Study and the Art room. The former Senior Study was redecorated and is now the Sixth Form Common Room.

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