The top two floors housed four dormitories, on the first floor the front dormitory was called the Immaculate Conception Dormitory, it was 60 feet by 26 feet and could house 24 beds. Toilets and bathrooms were located in a small extension at the end of the dormitories.

The Immaculate Conception Dormitory about 1910

After they were no longer required as a dormitory, the Immaculate Conception dormitory was divided into three classrooms, rooms 17, 18 and 19 (now U1, U2 and U3), and were used by Modern Foreign Languages until the Gerard Building was completed.

Room 17 (now U1) in 2004

A second dormitory, The Infant Jesus Dormitory, occupied the back of the first floor of the building, it was 60 feet by 24 feet and housed 22 beds. This room was also divided into three classrooms, rooms 21, 22 and 23 (now U4, U5 and U6), after its use as a dormitory, these were again used by Modern Foreign Languages.

The Infant Jesus Dormitory about 1910

During the 2012 Summer Holidays the first floor was completely refurbished. On completion of the work the rooms were occupied by Psychology, Religious Education and Humanities.

Two further dormitories were located on the second floor, the one at the front of the building was called the Sacred Heart dormitory and had the same dimensions as the Immaculate Conception dormitory on the first floor. The dormitory at the back of the building was originally used by the sisters. On the closing of the boarding school these were also divided into classrooms, the front dormitory into rooms 25 and 26 (now U8 and U9) and the back into rooms 27 and 28 (now U10 and U11).

Room 27 (now U10) in 2004

Room 26 was, for many years, computer suite until it was re-located in the Holt Building in 2005. All the rooms on the second floor are now used by Humanities.

Room 26, the Computer Suite, (now U9) in 2004

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