In 1871, a large barn was converted into a chapel for the Convent, with a side transept as a mission chapel. The side transept had large doors so that it could be shut off from the chapel and used as a school during the week.

The Convent Chapel about 1910

The Convent Chapel, which was dedicated to 'Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and St Joseph', was designed in the Gothic Style.


The Chapel from the Rose Garden in 1937

The 'architect' of the chapel, and the corridors leading to it, was M. Victoire Dupont, sister of M. Clotilde Dupont who was first Superior of Upton.

The Convent Chapel in 1965

Most of the chapel furnishings including the three altars, the statues, the Stations of the Cross and the Communion Rails were all gifts of Mr Bilsborrow of the Fylde.

The Convent Chapel in 2004

There are five stained glass windows in the chapel, starting from the altar:

Stained Glass Window of "The Agony in the Garden" in Memory of Arthur Henry Bacon
  Stained Glass Window of "Our Lord Blessing Little Children" in Memory of Eleanor Bacon's Children
Stained Glass Window of "Jesus, Mary and Joseph at Nazareth" in Memory of Katherine Taylor's Parents and Sisters 
Stained Glass Window of "Jesus, Mary and Martha at Bethany" 


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