When the Sisters moved to Upton they were obliged to demolish the building they had constructed to house the "Poor School" at Lingdale House. The bricks from this building were brought to Upton and used to build a Chaplain's House.

The Priest's House in 1967

At the same time that the boarding school opened, the sisters established a "poor school" in the Chaplain's House for the girls of the neighbourhood, due to lack of space, boys had to go to Woodchurch School

The Former Priest's House in 2004

The priests house later became home for the Sisters when the expanding school took over their original quarters in the Hall.


In March 1999 Sister Mary Joseph, the last sister living at Upton, moved to Heathbank Convent in Birkenhead and the former Priest's house was handed over for School use, it was planned that it would become a sixth form suite, however it now houses music rooms M4 to M7, the Careers Office and the English Office.

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