In the mid 1960's a new school was built on New Hey Road, just inside the township of Upton, this was to house Noctorum High School for Girls.

In 1982 the Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury bought the now empty school buildings in New Hey Road from the local authority. After the buildings had been refurbished, Marian High School moved in, the school had previously operated from two seperate sites within Birkenhead.

St Benedict's in 1998

In 1987 the school was combined with Bishop Challoner High School, which was previously located in Claughton Village. The combined school was renamed St Benedict's High School*.

The school was designed to have 1200 pupils, with 200 in the sixth form, but the number of pupils fell dramatically. By 1994 there where 696 pupils on the school's roll, and by 1999 this had dropped to 426 (including 61 in the sixth form).

St Benedict's School in 2000

Because of this falling roll, the decision was taken to close the school, so at the end of the 2001/2002 accademic year, the school closed. The remaining pupils where transferred to other Catholic schools in the area.

On New Years Eve 2002, a fire broke out in the empty school, the fire was fought with fire engines from Upton, Birkenhead and Wallasey, but the sixth form block was severely damaged.

St Benedict's Sixth Form Block on Fire in 2002

It is believed that the fire was started by vandals, who also ransacked the main three storey building.

The school has remained empty after that and was badly vandalised. It was finally demolished in 2013.

St Benedicts School in 2007


A Classroom in 2007


The Canteen in 2007

* In actual fact, St Benedict's was the end result of a series of amalgamations involving six schools starting in 1970. The six schools involved where:

Name Type Pupils
Blessed Edward Campion Boys Secondary Modern 275
Holt Hill Convent Girls Grammar - Direct Grant 580
Ladycross Girls Secondary Modern 288
Our Lady of Lourdes Mixed Secondary Modern 211
St Hugh's Boys Secondary Modern 520
St Winefride's Girls Secondary Modern 311

When Comprehensive schools where introduced in 1970, Ladycross and Blessed Edward Campion combined to become Corpus Christie High, St Winefride's became Heathley High and Our Lady of Lourdes closed.

Name Type Pupils
Corpus Christie Mixed High School 670
Heathley Girls High School 400
Holt Hill Convent Girls Grammar - Direct Grant 450
St Hugh's Boys High School 570

In 1976 Direct Grant status was abolished, and the existing direct grant schools chose either to become independent, or to join the comprehensive system. Holt Hill Convent decided on the later, and it combined with Heathley High School to become Marian High School.

 In the early 1980's, Corpus Christie combined with St Hugh's and became Bishop Challoner High School.

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