The 31 acre field which ran from Upton Hall all the way to what is now Warwick Road was called Warwick Hay and was owned, in 1836, by William Webster. The top part of the field was sold in 1862, with Upton Hall, to the FCJ Sisters.

In 1924, the Convent bought another part of Warwick Hey, the area now occupied by the Limes. In the 1930s, houses were built on Warwick Road and the Woodlands, however, to fulfill one of their 'referendum' promises, Birkenhead Corporation laid out a recreation ground on a large part of the field including the plantation and pond. The Mayor of Birkenhead opened the park in 1935.

The park originally retained the name of the field it was formed from, but in recent years its name has changed to Warwick Park.

Warick Hay in 2004

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