In addition to the 'Eagle and Crown' and the 'Horse and Jockey', there was also a beer house in Rake Lane, called the Traveller's Rest, also known as the Rake Inn. (A beer house had a license to sell beer but not spirits).

The Traveller's Rest around 1900

The October 30th edition of the Liverpool Mercury in 1891 carried the following advertisement:


Despite the advert describing it as "Old Established", it's not certain when the Traveller's Rest was first established. The earliest reference is in the 1879 electoral register in which Edward Jones is listed as beerhouse keeper. In 1884 John Mellor was the beerhouse keeper and was summoned on 12th April of that year for selling alcohol in prohibited hours.

In the 1830s, the site of the Traveller's Rest had been the village Smithy, owned by William Webster of Upton Hall and occupied by John Strong.

At the 1905 Licensing Sessions the renewal of the License was refused on the grounds that "it was not required to meet the needs of the neighbourhood".The1904 Licensing Act had given magistrates the right to refuse to renew a pub’s licence if it was considered that the pub was unnecessary to provide for the needs of the public. West Cheshire Brewers, who owned the Traveller's Rest, were awarded £725 compensation for the loss of the license. The buildings occupied by the Traveller's Rest are still there today.

The Former Traveller's Rest in 2004

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