In 1837 meetings were held in the school room to agree the tithes to be paid. The total area of the parish was stated to be 917 acres 0 roods 10 perches, this was broken down as follows:

  a r p
Arable 326 1 23
Meadow or Pasture 527 2 37
Gardens (attached to dwellings) 18 1 19
Plantations 20 3 36
Old Church Yard   2 34
Glebe Lands 19 2 3
Corfe's Field (Tithe free land) 2 1 23

Of the arable land, wheat was grown on about 100 acres and oats on another 100 acres. Three acres of the Glebe Lands were given by William Webster of Upton Hall, the rest was bought by the Commissioners of Queen Anne's Bounty.

All of the tithes were owned by Thomas Stanley Massey Stanley Bart, with the exception of the tithes arising from 20a 1r 38p of land which were owned by the Rector of Woodchurch.

1834 Tithe Map of Upton Township

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