Fund raising events continued to be held to raise the money necessary to build the new church, one of the most memorable was yet another Garden Fete held in the grounds of Upton Hall, this time on Whit Monday 1953.

Father Stone and his helpers one again worked so strenuously to make the effort a record success, with memories of the rain in 1945 always in their minds, it was a relief when the Whitsun weekend brought a heat wave and wonderful sunshine - hopes were high.

All preparations were complete by Midday on Whit Monday. Pupils from the convent had undertaken to run various competitions on the tennis courts and they too were ready. Other pupils in their Coronation fancy dresses were to sell tickets. Everything was ready.

The morning weather had been glorious. Suddenly the sky darkened - passing clouds they thought. The fete was scheduled to open at 2 p.m., at 1.30 clouds looked disturbing; 1.40 the sky looked ominous, people began to arrive; 1.45 the darkness was alarming and then the storm broke, and what a storm: torrential rain incessantly for over two hours, thunder and lightning, the only severe thunder and lightning of the year. The refreshment marquee was flooded, the stalls were swamped and the would-be money spenders remained on the bus and went home.

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