In 1903 Albert Shone bought the shop and business of Mr Salisbury, the village saddler,  he continued the business, making and repairing saddles and other leather items for local farmers, he also made and repaired money bags for Birkenhead Corporation Transport.

Horses became less popular as a means of transport so by 1920 he was also selling and repairing bicycles, and a few years later he was selling and repairing motorcycles. By 1925 he called the shop the Central Garage and was selling car parts and accessories. He had one of the first hand operated petrol pumps on the Wirral, this was later replaced with an electric pump, the petrol being stored in a 500 gallon tank at the back of the shop.

The shop had no forecourt, so cars pulled up at the kerbside to fill with petrol. 

In 1962 Albert Shone retired and the shop was sold, there had been very little change in the shop in the almost 60 years that Albert Shone had owned it.

In 1968 the shop was sold to developers who also bought the cottage next door, they demolished both buildings and built two new shop units..

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