The cottage at the junction of Saughall Massie Road and Greasby Road was known by various names; Hall Hill Cottage, Rutter's Cottage and Toll Bar Cottage.

The cottage was built in the 1820s and from 1837 to 1841 it housed the village school.

The cottage stood on the Hinderton & West Kirby turnpike, which had been established by act of parliament on 22nd March 1826:

for making and maintaining a Turnpike Road, commencing at or near a certain House called The Shrewsbury Arms, situate at Hinderton in the Township of Little Neston, by way of Upton, and terminating in the Township of Hoose, and from Upton aforesaid to the Township of Birkenhead, and also certain Branches of Road to communicate therewith, all in the County Palatine of Chester.

The two windows facing the village were blocked up and painted over, probably to avoid Window Tax.

The gate post which is seen leaning to the left is supposed to have originally carried the tollgate. However, Greasby Road was not built until the 1860s, the turnpike was Saughall Massie Lane, which in those days was on the other side of the building.

The house was demolished when the junction was re-aligned, but the gate post, which actually carried the gate to the farm track leading to Hall Hill Meadow (now the cricket club), remained until it was pulled out in 2003.

A second toll house was at the top of Moreton Road, in front of where St Joseph's School now is.

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