Overchurch Hill was built in 1859 by Thomas Webster, younger brother of William Webster (of Upton Hall). It was located next to the old churchyard at Overchurch. The house had a lodge which was on Moreton Road, just where the bridge over the M53 is today, a coach house and stables.

The house passed to George Webster in 1876. The Webster's remained in Overchurch Hill until 1915.

On 14th September 1916 an advertisement appeared in the Liverpool Daily Post offering the house for rent, it was described as follows:

George Webster died on the 16th February 1918 and the house was put up for sale, Frank Oscar Paul bought the house and had moved in by May 1918, he owned the Homepride flour mills on the East Float in Wallasey. Mr Paul left Overchurch in 1941, moving first to Caldy and then to Ness.

Overchurch Hill about 1948

In 1947 Birkenhead Corporation bought Overchurch Hill, their purpose was to use the extensive estate lands to build the Overchurch Estate. The house and its gardens were converted into a Children's home for up to 40 children. George and Nancy Kinmont were appointed first Superintendent and Matron.

The home was closed in the late 1950s and replaced by a new, purpose built home called Parkside in Overchurch Road nearby, the building was demolished shortly afterwards although the lodge survived until the Upton Bypass and the spur to the M53 were built.

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